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  • Charity ~ PUREfect Reflection

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Allow me to introduce myself....

I've been wanting to start this blog for a while now, so why not today!

Hi Lovelies!

I pray you are feeling well, uplifted, and inspired to keep pushing forward!

I am Charity, owner of PUREfect Reflection spa!

I am a compassionate woman with many layers, desires, and aspirations, simply navigating my way through God's beautiful creation we currently call home ~ Mother Earth!

I believe everyone has purpose and it is our responsibility to seek out and utilize the special gift(s) that GOD ~OUR CREATOR & SOURCE~ placed within us to bless others in this world! I once heard this saying and it has stuck with me ever since.... Success seems to be connected with action....

Have you noticed that? Successful people keep moving! Despite the obstacles faced, they NEVER QUIT!

I want to encourage you to keep PUSHing (Praying until something happens), keep believing, and keep your faith strong! GOD is present and an amazing provider with perfect timing!

​When it comes to the path(s) that LIFE has taken me, WHERE DO I BEGIN?!?!

Most people aren't able to guess my age and say I look much younger than I am! I take that as a compliment of course! I was born in 1986 so you may figure out my age if you'd like!

I'm a military child ~ GO AIR FORCE~ so I've had the opportunity to live in different places around the world and meet tons of people; the most unique of them all being Iceland! I definitely feel like being uprooted from "home" and moving around played a major role in who I am and my outlook on life!

I attended North Carolina A&T State University and The University of North Carolina Charlotte; class of 2008, Bachelors of Science in Business Administrations & Management!

If I had to go back, I may have done things a little differently.... but then again, I've learned SO MUCH in the process of growing and I've had so many amazing experiences that I will forever remember!

I am where I am today because I reached a point where I desired more from my career and life itself! I was blessed to secure a pretty good job after graduating from UNCC, however, a few years passed when I realized that my soul was seeking greater fulfillment, freedom, and flexibility that could not be obtained in a corporate atmosphere.

I didn't want to be stuck in the "system" of barely getting by while building someone else's dream! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every opportunity received which helped me polish myself professionally and financially, however, my soul was in search of more!

I pursued a few independent endeavors before feeling like I truly knew what direction was best. In the process of figuring it all out I faced some minor health concerns, which motivated me to look into the positive impact of natural ingredients and a healthier lifestyle! That was the seed that grew into so much more and I have felt a confirming and agreeing spirit with me ever since I agreed to this path!

Attending The Aveda Institute and becoming an Esthetician was one huge piece of my journey! I've greatly enjoyed the world of beauty thus far, and to know that I've positively impacted the lives of many before my lifetime has expired is my true mission!

Since 2017 I have owned and operated PUREfect Reflection, my beauty & wellness spa haven located in Charlotte, NC​! Here I have the honor and pleasure of enhancing the beauty and lifestyles of so many beautiful people every single day!

~. My LOVE for Health & Beauty .~

My health and skin challenges, along with my experience with others, fueled the fire behind my passion for beauty beyond the surface.

I realized there is a huge need for products, services, and education focused on how to properly care for our body and skin to promote increased health and healing.

I learned from experience that consuming and using ingredients naturally found on Earth is one of the most life changing and rewarding choices we can make! It brings me great joy to have the ability to help others live a healthier lifestyle while also helping people look and feel their absolute best!



with everything!

As you navigate through my website please keep in mind that my recommendations are based on personal experience, what I use currently, or based on positive research from multiple sources! I would never recommend something I wouldn't personally utilize or suggest to my loved ones!

I haven't tried everything on the market, and I am in no way a medical or nutritional expert, but I have tried enough to know that naturally derived ingredients are safer and more nourishing than toxic alternatives!

I look forward to sharing more and more with you all!

I hope to connect with more of you and spark some great conversations and knowledge sharing!

Connection is so important!

There is something to be learned from everyone we meet!

~.Love, Live, Laugh, Learn, Levitate.~


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